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The Special Projects Division of Ferry Electric Company focuses on service, maintenance and power quality projects for our customers.

It has all of the essential equipment and tools to respond to any customer emergency 24 hours a day, including a specially designed emergency manual that give it the ability to document emergencies and critical information as soon as it gets the first call. It has access to individuals in the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas who can open supply houses for materials or provide a backhoe in the middle of the night. If it can happen, we have probably already planned for it.

The Field Representatives (electricians) in the Special Projects Division operate out of stocked vans that are equipped with materials and tools including the latest in electrical and telephone/data diagnostics.

We work for many customers who are very sensitive to security issues. All Special Projects Division electricians (some of whom have been with us for nearly 20 years) carry Ferry Electrical Company issued Photo ID badges for our customers' benefit. Also, Ferry Electric Company participates in a structured drug-testing program.

Our electricians have experience in working with customers to minimize interferences with day-to-day operations of the facility. Therefore, we are often able to work in occupied, operational and secured environments without disturbing the customer.

The Special Projects Division customers range from Banks to Libraries, from Manufacturing to Retail, and from Offices to Restaurants.

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Ferry Electric Company is committed to providing our clients the best service whenever they need it through our 24/7 Service Department. As with all of our projects, Ferry Electric Company's Service Department is dedicated to quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

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At Ferry Electric Company, we enjoy the loyalty and fellowship of the many customers we have served over the years.  We appreciate these relationships and strive to continue to provide exceptional service through consistent quality and constant professionalism.